Saturday, 27 December 2008

About us

We were the 139th entry of RAF engineering apprentices.

We were A Eng Tech A/Ps (Aircraft Engineering Technicians Airframes/Propulsion). Our rank during training was AET (Aircraft Engineering Technicians). We passed out as JTs (Junior Technicians) and were supposedly guaranteed to become Corporals within one year and then Sergeants in three years.

Just a brief intro to the history of this site. Will update this to be more about the Entry later, as we progress.

I (Tony, class 3) hand built a site for 139 Entry a number (8-10) of years ago as I was running my own web development business. It was too time consuming to keep it up to date, but I did receive a steady flow of contact information as people found the site, which was very satisfying.

But in the end the lack of time and the cost of keeping the site going didn't seem worth it and I let the domain ( lapse. This was a shame really because we came at the top of the Google search if you searched for '139 entry'!

A couple of years later I tried to reregister but some so and so bought it and 'parked' it. Companies do this, buy lapsed domains, in the hope that the original user will come back one day and pay them a large sum to recover its use. Needless to say I was not up for this, so I eventually registered and fired up this blog.

It's very easy to post to the blog and I'm happy to allow other 139'ers to contribute - just let me know and I'll give you access.

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