Friday, 26 December 2008

Class 3 on a Gnat

standing on wing, rear (l-r): Peacock, Whittle.
sitting on wing (l-r): Purser, Kilgour, Hodgson, Down, Phelps, Smith (cockpit), Gaze, Cook, Bilney, May, Spencer.
standing (l-r): Reed, Withers.

This picture was taken at the time of completing our airfieled training, very close to passing out from the apprenticeship. It was taken on a snowy, cloudy day so the whole background has faded to white, giving an impression we are actually floating. Not even we were good enough engineers that we cuould make a Gnat float . . .

The Gnat was the aircraft we used to practice our overall training and skills on in the hanger in a 'real' environment. We had to remove various major componants and rebuild the aircraft. This included the engine, which was subsequently test started once the exercise was complete.

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