Monday, 29 December 2008

Join the RAFHAAA!

I'd like to suggest that we support our own association (the Royal Air Force Halton Aircraft Apprentices Association) by joining as members. They do a lot of hard work in keeping the community and memories alive, supporting members interests and in organising events such as the main reunions at Halton. They send out regular newsletters and 'The Haltonian' journal a few times per year.

I recall we all were made members for a year or two when we left Halton. This was because we had money left over in the 'flight funds' and it was used to buy annual memberships. Seemed pretty useless then, as we were fighting to get away from the whole Halton/Apprentice shtick - but on reflection it's perhaps more useful in renewing and maintaining old friendships. That's pretty much the idea behind this website too.

I didn't renew my own membership for years and then paid for a lifetime membership so I could pay and forget about it. Not sure how much it is now, but it was very reasonable at the time - maybe 70 quid?

You can contact them:

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