Friday, 26 December 2008

Members of 139 Entry

Class 1
David Ball, Adrian Bell, Jim Boyle, Paul Darrington, Malcolm Griggs, Kevin Hudson, Mike Inder, Roy Lefly, Jim Morris, John Philips, Mike Quigley, JJJ Roberts, Simon Rowden, Steve Ward, 'Fred' Wells, Ged Sidnell.

Class 2
Eric Baillie, David Boothroyd, Mick Carrol, Adi Challonder, Glenn Cotter, Dave Dawes, Dave Elford, Richard Galkowski, Jim Grigg, Howard Jones, Steve Monnery, Steve Parsons, Brian Rowley, Andy Smith, Bob Swift, Tim Thompson, Richard Wilby.

Class 3
Mark Bilney, Ian Cook, Edward Down, Richard Gaze, Tony Hodgson, Lee Kilgour, Andy May, Alan McLean, John Peacock, Mike Phelps, John Purser, Tom Reed, Pete Robinson*, Graham Schlueter, Graham Smith, Andy Spencer*, Gary Whittle*, Rob Withers.

Class 4
Dave Arden, Andy Bailey, Colin Barlow, Colin Browning, Roger Crowder*, Keith Egerton, Mark Freemantle, Kevin Higgins, Ian Hughes, Mark Littlewood, Norman Massey, Colin Moir, Iain Mortimer, Nigel Porter, Frank Trott, Richard Turner (now Richard Martin), Pete Walker, Martin Wells, Graham Wilmore.

  • We now have email addresses for those in green font though some of those addresses are a couple of years old and may be out of date.
  • I will send them to you on request (pls email photohodge at I no longer list email addresses on the website because of potential privacy/spam issues.
  • To email ALL of the entry (in green) please send to - but you can only send to this list if you are already a member. Subscribe here:

* joined the Entry after April 1982

Sadly, I've heard (not confirmed) that Roger Crowder, Jim Morris and Pete Robinson have passed away.

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