Friday, 26 December 2008

Pictures of Wendover

These pictures were taken during a revisit of the camp, some years after the passout of 139's, in a fit of nostalgia.

Wendover is a large village next to the camp and had 'tolerated' its neighbour graciously for many years. No doubt the legions of trainees swamped the local culture, but then the village must have gained some great economic benefits generated.

Local youths would occasionally set upon RAF trainees as they walked to the camp or around the village on a night. It was a risk walking back after getting a late night train home. We were supposedly forbidden from fighting back - but then on a number of occasions following an attack, we'd round up friends from our flight and head down to the village in a fleet of cars ready to identify and punish the culprits!

'Cardiac Hill' - we marched down and up this hill in a parade, twice per day

Station Headquarters (SHQ)

Roundabout at the bottom of 'Cardiac Hill'

The workshops

The road passing by the workshops. Kermode Hall on the right side (unseen in this pic).

Sports fields and grounds at the camp - behind Halton House

Wendover Railway Station

Old cottages in Wendover

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