Sunday, 28 December 2008

R&I (Resource and Initiative) Training

I first added a couple of Class 1 R&I pics from Mike Quigley with some thoughts and questions they raised for me.

Kevin Hudson kindly replied with some details below, which is such a fantastic memory jogger. I'd forgotten a lot of these details and have no recollection of my (Class 3) R&I 1 at all. Anyone else remember?

Kev refers to the story about the police pulling up a landrover in a small Welsh village on R&I2. I was in the back of that landrover when it happened. We sped along the country roads towing a canoe trailer after a cold day on the water. As we sped past a stationary police car, the driver (the PTI Kev refers to) muttered something like "bollocks - I hope he didn't clock us - keep an eye out back to see if he chases us". Sure enough the blue light went on and the copper gave chase. The PTI decided to press on regardless (in denial!) and hope the copper gave up. In the end we pulled over and the driver was pretty nervous and started to make excuses. The copper said "look, are you going to keep making excuses or take your bollocking like a man?". He took the bollocking and, as Kev says, that's when that great one liner came out!

From Kevin Hudson:

I've just had a look at the website and read Mike Quigley's contribution. I would like to expand a little.

R&I 1 as I remember it was an exercise about getting back to camp under our own steam, over two days. Class 1 was taken and booted out in the vacinity of RAF High Wycombe. I remember hiking past a large hole in the ground as the new HQ facility was under construction. We were given co-ordinates to make for which was where we cmped in a field for the night. The first of Mikes photo's was taken in a nearby Pub. The next day we carried on back to Halton via Combe Hill (with the monument) and then through Wendover. I think we had to go up it to the woods and come into camp through the back door 'as it were'.

R&I 2 was a week in North Wales based at Capel Curig [Tone says: I just found Betws-y-Coed, the village/outdoor camp we actually stayed in], where we were treated to canoeing, rock climbing and hill walking. We walked to the top of Snowdon via Crib Goch which was very narrow and had a 2000' drop to one side hidden by cloud. We also went sea canoeing in Conway Bay. I remember on the way back the PTI (Bungle) driving the Light Weight Landrover with a canoe trailer, loaded with about ten canoes got pulled for speeding in a 30 mph zone. The coppers parting words were "the next time you come flying through Conway, raise the bloody undercarriage".

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