Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Join our email group/list!

I've setup a free mail list service at GoogleGroups. The idea is that there is one email address which any (139) subscriber can send to and all other subscribers will receive it and be able to respond.

This will be useful for me (and other 139's) to be able to contact the group with a single email, useful for us to make announcements and vital if we decide to start planning a reunion (as is already being mooted for 2010). I also send a message out whenever make any changes to the website.

Joining is easy - just enter your email address into the box below and send it off. All new subscriptions are put on hold for approval (to keep out the great unwashed). Once I approve it, you'll be on the list and able to receive and send mail to the group.

Join the 139 Entry eMail List
(members only)


Visit this group
Not all 139s are on the group at this time. We are in touch with about 30-odd folks as of May 2009 and slowly growing in number.

To send an email to all subscribers, you then send your email to 139entry@googlegroups.com.

I don't expect more than a few emails per year (unless we actually start planning something).

Any problems, please contact me thru the Contact Us page.

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