Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Named and Shamed

Inspired by Rich Martin's email . . .

Remember the nicknames we gave our instructors and other full time Halton staff (and places)? I remember a lot of them but now wonder whether they're libelous or offensive! And those nicknames we gave each other - often cruel and immature (which passes for humour when you are 18, perhaps not at 40+).

Some of the more innocent recollections, I'll have to dig out some of the surnames:
  • Cpl 'Buckle-me' Ackerly
  • Sgt Welford (forgot his nickname but it was something to do with his tall stories of having done everything)
  • Cpl 'Dingle' Ingolotti (also famous for gasping "put those cherries back where you found them" after we'd raided the tree next to Henderson Mess) (admin)
  • Flt Lt 'Touche Turtle' wassisname (admin)
  • Sgt 'DI' Reagan (admin)
  • Who was the trades Sgt we called 'Chunky'?
  • Joe 'Old Bloke' Doak (civvy instructor on aerodynamics)
  • Sgt 'Tools-in' Lockhart (airfield)
  • Who was the SWO at that time? Hyman? Gee he was a hard case all Forces swagger with a pressed peak hat and pacing stick under his arm! Once shouted across the road at me for not saluting an officer, "I'll rip your arm off and ram it down your throat soggy end first!"
  • Wing Cdr "I'm the Queen" wassisname (head of the Appo Wing)
  • Cpl 'Bungle' wassisname (PTI)
  • 'Dr Snuggles' (Old Civvy Instructor with white hair).
  • 'Basil (Faulty)' "Morning Kiddiwinks!" (should remember his proper name) Civvy Instructor in maths - looked and sounded like the great man himself.
  • Sqn Ldr 'Looby Lou' Escott who taught RAF History.
  • 'Sweaty Betty' who taught materials?

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