Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pictures from John Phillips

Thanks to John for scanning in all of these pix covering arange of subjects from Swinderby topasout and beyond. So many that the only way could easily show them is through a slide show. Maybe one day they will disappear when the company gives up on free hosting, such is life on the internet. Until then, click on the picture above to take a trip down memory lane.

You'll see some pictures in here of our beloved leaders, Sgt 'DI' Regan and Cpl Dave Ingolotti. Dave's now living and working in Malta (hi, Corporal!).

Also look out for some of a '2nd' Passout -that of the final appo entry, the 155's which was a special occasion. From John:

I have a photo of me being inspected by the Duke of Kent in the front row of a flight made up of other Corporals, Wing Commanders, Squadron Leaders, WO's and flight Sergeants etc!

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