Friday, 22 January 2010

'H' Jones - seeking snow

Posted by Hodge on behalf of H . . .

Hi guys, here is my resume;

After Halton, went to Valley and had 3 good years mastering the Valley walk….head and shoulders bent forward into the wind and go for it. Married in ’86 first born in ’87. Still played a lot of Rugby at RAFU 21 level and then in the week for the station (much to my Chief’s disapproval).

Got some good knowledge on the Hawk so then volunteered for the Red Arrows. Did 4 years on the team and in this time had child number 2. So I now have a daughter 22 yrs, and a son 20 yrs.

Left the RAF in 1992 and took a job down in Southampton which paid nearly the same as a corporal at Aerostructures, Hamble, building the rear fuselage of the Hawk. Hated it.

My airframe repair skills were never that good and so lasted 4 months and got a live a/c job with Airworks Bournemouth……..on Chipmunks. Really enjoyed this but could not survive on the Airworks pay!

So after marriage breakdown, ditched the a/c industry, for what I though was temporary, to go to Uni in Bournemouth and took a degree in Engineering Business Development. My dream was to invent/manufacture/sell stuff to the military and make a fortune.

However…..took a year placement with the computer company ICL (now Fujitsu) which steered me into IT. Graduated in ’98. Worked for Fujitsu for 9 years. Another marriage, another divorce, no more children.

I am now a freelance IT Test consultant living in Berkshire (Wokingham) with Linda near the M4, so close to all IT companies and the big smoke. Rugby days finished far too early, fighting to stay semi-fit with cycling and gym stuff and enjoy my new love …snowboarding.

Anyone close by, would be great to catch up. (ask Hodge for H's email address)

Look forward to catching up.

Howard (H) Jones

BTW, anyone heard from Steve Monnery, Bob Swift?

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