Wednesday, 20 January 2010

More American car shenanigans from Mark Freemantle

Posted by Hodge on behalf of Mark . . .

Excellent life summary, Ed, really interesting read. I wonder how many of us went onto higher education. I went to Chivenor after Halton and seemed to spend half my time down the beach and the other half in the pub anyway four years flew by and then there was talk of promotion/posting so I left v.quickly and went to Manchester Poly for 3 more years pissing it up. Had a great time, I’m sure life in the RAF was just training for get the most out of college life. Out of interest while at college I got a short term visa for America and spent 2 months working in a boat yard in Annapolis and then 6 weeks driving my Plymouth horizon all over the states (Coast to Coast, Twice)

Finished with a decent degree in Product Design but unfortunately 92 was not a good year for manufacturing so ended up at RAF Shawbury servicing Wessex for Serco for 6 months, meet up with Andy Dixon (140) while there so managed to keep spirits up. Sorted a job as a design engineer the following year for a Japanese automotive component supplier, and then spent the next 12 years working for a number of companies in automotive supply. Meet my wife, Taryn, while working in Shrewsbury and have ended up living in a village (12K population?) south of Wolverhampton. The Automotive industry turned truly shit in the early 00’s so in 2005 I jacked it all in and retrained (ha ha) to become a gas engineer. Now have a small gas and plumbing company employing a couple of people which keeps me busy along with the kids Saffron (13) and Miles (9).

Andy May has obviously had an influence on a few of us, while having British classic’s since I could drive, when I reached 40 I converted and bought a 64 Coupe Deville, and have stuck with Cadillacs since then.

Anyway great to hear update and a reunion has got to be on the cards at some point.



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  1. Hi, Mark! Nice to hear what you've been up to. Yes, the Yank tanks do get under your skin...remember my Mustang in the garage in the old barn in Georgeham? Funny, I'm in Canada now, driving a Honda and riding BMWs.
    Ken Switzer, 138 entry & ASF Chivenor